What would you do if you had to drive from Phoenix to New York with your car's dashboard broken?

You don't know how much fuel you have. Your GPS is not working. You don't know how fast you're going.

You'd probably get a few tickets and waste a lot of time going in the wrong direction, right?

You see… the reason why many businesses get stuck is because they're driving blindly.

Until this point, working hard was what they needed to do to keep growing their businesses…

But now they are overwhelmed with too many balls to juggle...

Should they hire an SEO company? Or a Facebook ads agency?

Is it time to hire a financial controller? What about a marketing manager?

Which systems and processes should they implement next?

And how do they get their team behind these?

The truth is... Putting in more hours will not give you the answers...

Because now "what you work on" and "who you work with" is what will truly catapult your growth

Instead of wasting your time and money with vendors that make big promises and never deliver on it...

You need to work with the ones that are committed to elevate your business.

Instead of making costly mistakes, creating systems or processes that no one follows, or simply doing work that doesn't move the needle...

You need to focus on a few things that can speed up your growth and get your business to run by itself.

And that's Home Service Freedom's (HSF) primary goal:

To give you a shortcut. To show you step-by-step how to grow your business while you enjoy the ride. To take you out of the traffic jam and get you into the fastlane. And to guide you through the path that other multi-million dollar home service companies have already taken.

Here’s Everything You'll Have Access To When You Join The HSF Program

HSF is an accelerator program.

It’s designed to give you the tools, the connections, and the guidance you need to fast-forward your business growth and profitability.

So when you join HSF, you’ll have access to:

  • The HSF growth roadmap

  • ​Exclusive vendor partner program

  • ​Regional Workshops

  • Multi-million dollar network

  • ​Industry expert coaches

Let me give you more insights into each one of these:

Access to The HSF Growth Roadmap

When building this program, the one feedback we heard the most was:
“I need actionable steps for growing my business”
So we’re cutting out the fluff and giving you the exact steps you need to take to grow your business fast.
Once you join HSF, you’ll go through an assessment process that will give you a clear view of your current situation, find out the exact problems we need to tackle, and uncover opportunities we can leverage to create quick wins for your business.
We’ll then jump on an onboarding call with you to review your assessment, create a custom roadmap for you, and run a cost-saving analysis to bring to light all the options you have to save money with vendors. 
With the custom roadmap in your hands, we’ll jump on a second call to create an implementation plan with you and give you access to our content library where you’ll find the processes and systems you need to get your business running like an oiled machine. 

Access to Exclusive Vendor Partner Program

Not all vendors have equal weight.
Many make big promises and never deliver on it.
Others are “good enough” but don’t really create exponential results for your business.
But only a handful of vendors truly work as partners, committing their sweat and blood to help your company not only grow, but thrive in your market.
These very few winners are the ones we’re hand-picking to serve you.
This means:
  • No need to do countless meetings to find “what could be” the right service for your business

  • No need to spend a bunch of money to find out if they are worth their salt

  • No need to waste your time micromanaging them to get the work done

And the best part…

We’ve already negotiated rebates and substantial discounts from all of the vendors in the HSF program.

So during your onboarding process, our Partner Expert will review your current situation and help you figure out how to get the best possible deals for your business.

Our goal is to write you a check every month from the rebates that, if utilized, may cover your whole HSF investment.

Here's just a fraction of the vendors that are already signed up for the program:


Access to Regional Workshops

Knowledge is key.
But we both know how hard it can be to find the time to take action on that knowledge.
So our goal with these regional workshops is to give you the opportunity to spend two days in a room with other like-minded people getting things implemented.
This means no distractions and no excuses. You’ll only focus on doing the work that needs to be done. 
And you’ll do that in an intensive environment with the support of our coaches and trainers.
This will also be an opportunity to connect with other HSF members and build your network.

Access to a Multi-Million Dollar Network

The devil is in the details.
Even though you’re getting everything you need from this program to fast-forward your growth and profitability, we have no doubt that you’ll still face certain challenges that are specific to your business.
To solve this problem, we’re giving you access to a network that’s worth millions of dollars:
  • Monthly call with Tommy Mello (owner of A1 Garage - $200M business) to ask him any questions you might have

  • Monthly vendor spotlight where you’ll have access to vendors and discover what strategies and tactics are performing the best right now

  • ​Monthly networking call to connect with other business owners and help each other learn and grow together

  • ​Live training with industry experts like Al Levi (operations), Dan Antonelli (branding), and our coaches to give you the guidance you need when getting things implemented

Our goal is to make sure that you have clarity of action at all times. That you leave your doubts behind and move fast towards your goals.

And To Make This Deal Even Sweeter, We’re Throwing In 5 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Secrets of The Trades Newsletter

From the desk of Tommy Mello directly to your mailbox, you’ll receive a monthly print newsletter where Tommy and his multi-million dollar network share:

  • What’s currently working best for their businesses
  • ​How to think and act like a true leader
  • What’s coming next and how to best prepare for it
Bonus #2: Early-Access to Freedom Tickets

Before we start promoting next year’s event, you’ll have the opportunity to get your tickets for a special price before everyone else.

You’ll be able to get the best tickets before they are sold out, and you’ll pay a price that’s not going to be available for the public.

Bonus #3: Private Community

We’re also putting together a private online community where you can directly connect with other HSF members.

There you can network with other business owners who are ahead of you and learn from them, and also grow together with owners who are at the same stage as you.

Bonus #4: Equity Incentive Plan Template
This incentive plan costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but our legal partner is offering it to HSF Members, formatted for their business at a fraction of the price.
If you want to build a team that’s committed to the success of your business, this equity incentive plan will create the optimal conditions for attracting the right talent.
equity plan
Bonus #5: A1 Garage Shop Tours

Seeing what a $200M business looks like from the inside can completely change the way you operate your business.

When joining the HSF program, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Tommy Mello’s shop - A1 Garage Doors - to visualize and understand what it takes to build a 9-figure home service business.

Here's One Of Our Favorite Successful Stories

Limited Availability For First Group

There’s one thing we will not compromise in the HSF program:

The quality of your experience.

And to do that, we can’t open this program for everybody.

If we did so, we’d risk not giving you the attention you deserve during your onboarding process.

So for this first group, we’re opening the gates only for 100 members.

Once we reach that number, we’ll close the program and only open it again once we’re ready to receive new members (it might take 3 to 6 months or more.)

This means that if you’re on this page and there’s still an option to join this first cohort, we recommend that you act fast.

Tomorrow this might not be the case anymore, and once we close this first group, we can’t promise to offer this same price for the future members.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, you can talk to our support line and get all the answers you need.

Just book a time below and we’ll cover all the details of the program in a 15-minute call:

In the meantime, here are some of the common questions people ask during those calls:

How the Vendor Partner Program works?

Through the Vendor Partner Program you will be introduced to our quality preferred partners.

Our preferred partners will provide you with discounts and rebates on all the services you use for your business. We have an extensive list of preferred partners that is continuously growing to meet the needs of your business.

Which industries are this program for?

This is a program tailored for any home service company that's ready to grow. HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, Electrical, Power Washing... We've got your back.